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Notapor cymruvoodoo » Jue Sep 13, 2012 2:07 am

I am looking at the greens of models coming out and making plans for how to include personalities in my band, since I expect like a lot of you I decided to go for the C+ option once it was added and it comes with not one but four personalities. I definitely still want Irene Vioque in my band since the ability to mix and match from other factions besides the Guard of Seville is a lot of fun. I would like to know what Degoyito actually does aside from look cool, and I am not sure what other personalities the Guard can take. Does anyone know if the wolf, who is apparently a frenchman, or Guillermo and Lopez are available? Also, who the heck is the very large man with the banner or parchment?

So, how are you planning on using personalities in your bands? I know I intend to include Irene for sure, knowing what she brings to the table. I think Luana and Degoyito could be fun from looking at their models but I have no idea what they'll actually do, so no idea who else I want to take with either of them.
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Re: Personalities

Notapor Sergus » Jue Sep 13, 2012 11:59 am

Degoyito will scare everybody, showing his control under a prisoner, and sacrify him, if it's necessary, to make all the pawns fo the other band make an Audacity roll.

If I'm not mistaken, Guard of Ysbilia will be able to use every Personality, except El Embajador, el fat standard bearer ( who is the 2nd Personality of the New Order Faction ) and maybe one or two more, but most of them could be contracted for them.

Don't worry about your chooses, at this point. We'll send a PDF to all of you who helped us in the Indiegogo campaign, when it's completely edited, so you can choose your pawns, more easily.
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