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What does it mean to be Captain?

The Captain will have the privilege to bear the title of "the bravest of his noble Faction". In addition, the Captain will coordinate the war efforts of the members of the same Faction and Local Militia during the Global Campaign. .

During the voting that will take place in the forum for the "Decision Making", the Captain will have double vote. His voice in the councils and meetings is well respected and his opinion is always heard by the members of his party.

In addition, Captain will get a ring that will test his authority and rank. It is essential to take it always to take command of his men in the conflicts of the Global Campaign.

This information will be conveniently expanded along with data from the Global Campaign.

How can I become a Captain?

Each local militia will have a representation of each Faction during the Global Campaign. Therefore, the Factions need a Captain.

Each member of a Local Militia will play three Contests (if possible with different opponents) and record the results. To do this they may play any Contest available in the 1650 "A capa y espada" Rulebook.

The Adalid de Juego should keep track of the Honor Points of each member of his Local Militia, using the forum for that. In this way all members could see the progress.

After this process, the player with more Honor Points will get the title of Captain of his Faction in his Local Militia. From that moment and until the Global Campaign ends (after summer) he will be Captain. Everyone should show some respect or indiscipline will dilute their group cohesion and increase the failure’s chances in the Global Campaign.
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