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Adalid de Juego's Stuff

Notapor Tercio_Creativo » Jue Dic 27, 2012 7:51 pm

Right here, an Adalid de Juego can download all the required stuff for organizing the events.

- Demostration Poster: With it you could announce the "Demos" wherever you want.


- Tickets for raffles: When you organize an event you will can dispense the tickets for all participants of it, for having opportunities to obtain free miniatures.

*Numbers from 01-36:
*Numbers from 37-72:
*Numbers from 73-100:

- Adalid de Juego's Form: This form will be necessary to register the new "recruits" of your Militia. In the same way it will help to verify the people who participe in the raffles, also do suggestions about everything they want.


- Adalid de Juego's Logo: With this, everybody will know who they're talking to. Add the name of your city will always be a help to more easily recognize where do you comes from.

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Re: Adalid de Juego's Stuff

Notapor Lemminkäinen » Jue Ene 03, 2013 11:47 am

A quick note on the poster - it should probably read:
"There will be a raffle between the participants"
"Will feature a raffle between the participants"

But yeah, I really like your overall graphical look. These look very impressive 8-)
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Re: Adalid de Juego's Stuff

Notapor Ezipion » Jue Ene 03, 2013 9:32 pm

Solved! Thanks for that!
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