What is a Militia?

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What is a Militia?

Notapor Ezipion » Sab Dic 29, 2012 6:56 pm

Besides coordinating demonstrations in associations and local shops, the Adalid de Juego of each city could use these events for recruiting components for their Militias.

Local Militias are composed of players who belong to the gaming community of their city and want to fight for their Factions in the global campaigns that will be coordinated from Tercio Creativo by the Adalid de Juego of their city.

Militias and their members will be surveyed and, as part of the Tercio Creativo’ forum, may take part in the organization and development of campaigns. In the forum, those belonging to the Militias, will find:

- A forum for each local Militia, in which its Adalid de Juego will announce events and rule them.

- A private forum for each Faction, within each Militia’s forum, where they will be able to discuss everything related to their strategy; for decision-making by voting to determine the essential attitude to follow by each Faction on the campaign map or any other matter of general importance.

- And of course, a section for each campaign, where all members from the Militias may follow the evolution of them and the disposal of the contending forces on map, which will be updated periodically to accurately follow the evolution of conflict.

In short, be an Adalid de Juego is not only a great opportunity to get access to discounts and unique figures, but also the best way to enjoy of 1650 "A Capa & Espada" leading your city against he rest of the world, simply organizing demonstrations that serve to grow up their local Militia with new recruits and thereby unite the fans of their city and bring to endless hours of fun and glory.
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