Benefits of being an ADALID DE JUEGO

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Benefits of being an ADALID DE JUEGO

Notapor Sergus » Mié Ene 02, 2013 4:43 pm

Being an Adalid de Juego is completely free and grants a good number of benefits.

To lead a Local Militia is a great responsability, that requires energy and desires to “go beyond”. This, with no doubt, is rewarded with our maximum respect, colaboration and implication. Anyway, we think that it´s not enough for so laudable effort, and that's why the next list show the benefits that all Adalid de Juego (and only the Adalid de Juego) will get until they keep leading their Militias:

Initial Pack:

- Adalid de Juego's t-shirt.
- Basic game set, composed by: 2 bands of 200 Maravedies each one, their Contract Cards and scenery elements.

Permanent Discounts:

- 5 % discount in Tercio Creativo's products, accumulative for each organized event until a maximum of 25 % a year.
- 25 % shipping costs' discount (that adding the usual 50%, makes a total of 75%), for leading a Local Militia of 5 or more members.

Special Benefits:

- An exclusive miniature.
- Gifts for the Adalid de Juego and his Local Militia, when obtaining merits during the campaigns organized by Tercio Creativo.
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