Local Militias and the GLOBAL CAMPAIGN

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Local Militias and the GLOBAL CAMPAIGN

Notapor Sergus » Sab Feb 02, 2013 12:20 pm

Each Adalid de Juego must divide its Local Militia by Factions. These divisions are called Units.


A Unit is the set of players of a Local Militia which belong to the same Faction. For example, all players of the Old Regime of a Local Militia would be the Old Regime Unit of that Local Militia.

These Units represent their Factions in the Global Campaign, and its members should be aware of revealing tactical information to enemy Units (of same Local Militia, or any other) shall be considered High Treason (somehow ridiculously cruel punished).


Conflicts to play during the Global Campaign will be determined by confrontations that arise during the Turns of the Campaign (as will be explained below). Suffice it to say that in some turns there won't be any Conflicts, and in others Conflicts will be the climax of a bloody turn.

When playing Conflicts, each Local Militia will have to organize everything, from among its members. This means that if there is a Conflict between different Local Militias' Units, their players must not travel to represent it, but the Unit will play against a Unit of his Local Militia, belonging to the Faction indicated.


The Global Campaign will have as many Units of each Faction as Local Militias are participating. That may be a very large number, and that is why the Units of the same type can be joined together to create Companies. These Companies must always have a leader, spokesperson and liaison between all Units that form: Captain.

Of all the players from each Faction will be selected a number of them to be Captains. These are the only ones capable of organizing Companies, and managers to talk to their members and to issue any decision needed. In any case, when in doubt, the opinion of Captain weigh more than the rest of members of the Company.

If a Company has more than one Captain, they must agree on the decisions they make.


Once a Militia is divided into Units, a campaign will be organized internally. The campaign will consist of a series of Commissions that will be played by all their players, with the aim of building a ranking of Honor Points.

The player from each Unit at the end of this campaign that get more Honour Points will be named Captain. And he will retain his position until the end of Global Campaign.
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